Your habits create your life. Whatever you focus on and do consistently is what shows up. Intentionally building better habits is the key to attracting anything you desire into your life. Mario’s mission is to help busy achievers build better habits and create the energy, mindset, and strategy to live life at a deeper more profound level.


Mindset Expert, Coach, and Speaker

Mario Porreca is an entrepreneur, author, and mindset performance strategist. Mario helps busy achievers build better habits and create the energy, mindset, and strategy to live life at a deeper more profound level.

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Everything starts with your health and energy. If you aren’t healthy, full of energy, and excited about the outcomes you’re focused on you aren’t really living—or as effective as you can be.


Having complete clarity in your desired outcome is vital in designing the habits and behaviors necessary to create and experience that outcome. Clarity completely changes the game.



Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Clear focus on your outcome, habits, activity, and results will ensure that you are consistently growing and creating momentum towards the things you actually want.


Mindset determines how you show up in the world. Setting your mind to take consistent strategic action and achieve all you set out to is a habit—and one that requires daily practice.


You can’t achieve success without a plan. Crafting an effective strategy takes a powerful state of hunger, resourcefulness, determination, and creativity.



Action is what creates results. Not just action though—it’s about effective action that is consistently measured and adjusted with the help of a a coach that supports you.

Build Better Habits

The ultimate goal is to experience and live life at a deeper more profound level while growing, contributing, and living the life you desire to live. The more congruent you become with yourself and your mission the more aligned you become with:

  • Knowing exactly what your ideal life experience looks and feels like.
  • Having a clear vision and plan for attracting it.
  • Being able to effectively build new habits that serve you.
  • Create the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to take consistent action.

It’s not about breaking bad habits. It’s about building better habits that create progress, possibility, and momentum.

Mario Porreca’s Blog

10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Decide To Be Happy

One of our greatest powers as human beings is our ability to decide and make conscious choices in relation to the outcomes we desire to create. The most powerful decision we can make is to decide that no matter what happens we are going to have a great time and live in an empowering, happy, positive, state.

10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Relationships & Happiness

What really keeps us healthy and happy and what and where should we be investing to experience and live our best life? The Harvard Study of Adult Development currently being run by Robert Waldinger has been studying the lives of certain men for 75 years. These men were purposely selected and closely followed—from regular brain scans, blood work, psychological analysis, interviewing the people closest to them, and more. The data collected gives a fascinating perspective on what leads people to really live healthy, happy, and meaningful lives. The major finding—good relationships are what keep us happier and healthier, period.

10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Happiness & Meaningfulness

Everything we do and every outcome we desire has one intent at its core: to bring us more happiness. The Dalai Lama defines happiness as a neutral sort of experience that can bring deep satisfaction. Happiness is in the present when our needs are satisfied while meaningfulness ties together past, present, and future to reinforce our positive attributes. We can experience happiness at anytime by simply giving ourselves permission to feel happy—how we use that happiness to create more for ourselves and others is what creates meaningfulness and purpose in our lives.

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