I’m Mario Porreca and my mission is to help you think better and do better so that you live better. As a mindset coach, international speaker, and chef I tell stories and share ideas through food. I believe that there is no purer experience than preparing and sharing a delicious meal. Food is the perfect analogy for life and a common bond that we all share multiple times each day.


Mindset Expert | Keynote Speaker | Chef

Mario Porreca is a mindset performance strategist, international speaker, chef, entrepreneur, and author. Mario creates a unique experience through his ideas and food that helps busy achievers think better and do better so that they live better.

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Everything starts with your health and energy. If you aren’t healthy, full of energy, and excited about the outcomes you’re focused on you aren’t really living—or as effective as you can be.


Having complete clarity in your desired outcome is vital in designing the habits and behaviors necessary to create and experience that outcome. Clarity completely changes the game.



Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Clear focus on your outcome, habits, activity, and results will ensure that you are consistently growing and creating momentum towards the things you actually want.


Mindset determines how you show up in the world. Setting your mind to take consistent strategic action and achieve all you set out to is a habit—and one that requires daily practice.


You can’t achieve success without a plan. Crafting an effective strategy takes a powerful state of hunger, resourcefulness, determination, and creativity.



Action is what creates results. Not just action though—it’s about effective action that is consistently measured and adjusted with the help of a a coach that supports you.

Mindset Coaching Made Simple

The ultimate goal is to experience and live life at a deeper more profound level while growing, contributing, and living the life you desire to live. The more congruency you create between your mindset, your identity, and your mission the more aligned you become with:

  • Knowing exactly what your ideal life experience looks and feels like.
  • Having a clear vision and plan for attracting it.
  • Being able to effectively build new habits and behaviors that serve you.
  • Creating the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to take consistent action.

It’s not about forcing success. It’s about an aligned mindset and identity that attracts progress, possibility, and momentum—and food, it’s always about food.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Alignment with What You Really Value

Alignment  means having every aspect of your focus, energy, mind, and self directed on the same outcome or at least in the same direction. Getting clear on and aligning with what’s most important to you today will guide you to take focused specific action to attract those things into your life.

10 Minute Mindset LIVE | 10 Ways to Be More You

Every time we make small decisions to “fit in” we are burying a little part of ourselves down deep. Small consistent decisions to show up and BE YOU can have a profound cumulative impact. The more often we are brave enough to express who we truly are, the easier it gets.

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