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Triggers are “cues” that tell us to do something right now. Triggers seem simple on the surface, but they can be powerful in their simplicity. Simplicity changes behaviors. If there is a behavior or habit that you desire to create, keeping it simple and building on it over a consistent period of time is the key that will make that behavior last for the long-term. An effective trigger for a small behavior can lead us to perform harder behaviors.

Three Types Of Triggers:

  1. Spark
  2. Facilitator
  3. Signal

Triggers can either be hot or cold. A hot trigger is something that you have the ability to act on right now in the current moment. A cold trigger is something that triggers an action that can’t be performed now, but may be performed later. The hotter the trigger the more likely effective action will occur.

Being able to identify and manipulate our triggers can help us to change, create, and control our habits and behaviors before they happen.