Experiences are Treasures – #MarioAfterMidnight

It’s possible to have too much seriousness within each 24 hour period.  Fun is something that you absolutely have to make room for and allow yourself to enjoy.  Some would even argue that that’s what life is really all about.  Fun is something that I value very highly.

What do you consider fun and how do you pursue and take part in that?

For me personally I like to pursue experiences.  Experiences are what I believe to be the most fun.  Not only do you get to share them with others, but when you experience something you create memories and emotions that live with you long after that experience is over.

Going to the NFL Super Bowl twice with my father was an experience I’ll never forget and is worth more to me than anything I own. 

Getting to experience James Harrison completing the longest play in Super Bowl history and returning that interception down the sideline into the end zone that our seats were near, was priceless.

We bought four bottles of water before the game started so that we wouldn’t have to get up for anything once that ball was kicked off.  When James scored that touchdown on the final play of the first half we jumped up and down in such a frenzy that we completely smashed all four bottles!  I’m talking pancake flat and water everywhere!  Nobody cared though, it was an experience and a moment that will live on forever.

Another experience that I’ll never forget was also something I did with my father.  I’ve never been much for concerts, I’m more of a sports guy.  I love going to sporting events and the competition involved.  However there is one artist I’ve always wanted to see live in concert: The Piano Man himself, Billy Joel.

Last December we got tickets and drove over two hours each way to witness the greatest musical experience of my life.  Sitting in those floor seats and singing along with popcorn and with my pops was an experience I’ll never forget.

My point: experiences are treasures that no one can ever take from you.  You can’t lose them and they can’t go away.  Things or stuff might be fun at the moment but eventually they’ll be gone.

In business I live for the game.  I love the process and I truly believe that’s what makes me successful.  I focus on the outcome that I want to create, but I know that if I consistently execute and refine the process the outcome will come.  The only way to be persistently consistent is by loving what you are doing regardless of the immediate result.

That’s the real key – we all seem to be focused on an immediate result.  I love the process so I don’t need immediate gratification.  I’m immediately gratified by staying in constant action.  The result I want will come and when it does I’ll have grown long enough and gone through the proper process to sustain it.

Play the long game and make sure you are doing what you love as much as possible.  I’m not saying to be all airy fairy and quit your job today to pursue your passion.  I am saying to find time to do and enjoy the things you are passionate about.

About Mario Porreca (62 Articles)
Entrepreneur, Author, Former Chef, Pittsburgh Pirates Fanatic, #Halfselfie Expert. At my core I’m an Entrepreneur. My mission is to provide value, make a profit, and inspire and teach others to do the same. Through my website and social media I collaborate with a community of positive thinking like-mined people and aim to work with and inspire as many people as possible.

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