About Mario Porreca

I help people tell their story to the people who need to hear it.

Founder & CEO of Launching a Podcast

Helping busy achievers tell their story to extend their reach, grow their following, and serve mire people on a more profound level.

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International Speaker

More than 10 years of experience with keynotes, workshops, Q&A sessions, and more.

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Podcasting since February 2011 and teaching others how to tell better stories to have their message heard.

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Two cookbooks, one title on success, and another to come soon. It’s all about the story—in various forms.

I help people tell better stories.

Ever since I can remember stories have played a big part in my life. I learned that if you want people to hear what you have to say you better get and hold their attention. There is and will never be a better way to get and keep attention than through effective story telling. That’s my passion and my purpose—helping you tell your story so that it’s heard by the people who need to hear it.


“Talking and voice have always been my thing. I said my first words at 4 months old and was speaking in complete coherent sentences before my first birthday—and I haven’t looked back since. Communicating with words has always come natural to me.”

Mario started his story as a performer. As soon as he was able to walk he was sneaking into the waiting room of his fathers chiropractic clinic and putting on shows for the patients who were waiting. Everyone loved his shows…except for the staff who grew tired of seeing the same renditions of Dumbo, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, and The Wizard of Oz over and over again.

Little did Mario know at that time that performing and teaching are brothers. As he got older his love of performing matured into personal growth and development with the intense desire and intent to take what he learned and teach others.

Loving people and helping them to genuinely smile from inner joy has always been the heart of my mission.

After high school, Mario pursued his second love in life with the goal to change people’s lives using it as a medium—food. He was a very successful chef for nearly six years before the intense calling of working more closely with others was too loud to ignore.

Food as an experience has always been and will always be a major part of my life. From cooking with my grandfather at a young age to devoting the early part of my life to it—food will always play a major role in what I do and how I communicate.

He left the kitchen and started his own business, ironically out of his fathers chiropractic clinic, coaching people to reach their health, wellness, weight, and mindset goals.

As Mario operated this business he was also spending every available second studying mindset, psychology, personal growth, spiritual development, and more to apply what he learned to his own life and to more importantly be able to serve others at a deeper more profound level.

Mario has authored two cookbooks geared toward healthy living and has also authored a third book centered around achieving personal and business success.

Mario has appeared on TV over 50 times promoting his books and business and has been a featured speaker for numerous groups, events, schools, and corporations.

He also hosted his own live radio show for about three years which was also recorded and turned into a podcast with its own exclusive spin-off podcast.

In March of 2018 Mario launched 10 Minute Mindset and it became a massive success. It was not only receiving numerous downloads much faster than he expected, but he was receiving messages from listeners and creating impactful relationships with them.

His love for podcasting and the relationships and conversations created around it inspired the idea for LaunchingaPodcast.com.


Mario resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his girlfriend Erica and their puppy Waldo.

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