10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Push, Pull, and Emotional Intensity

The bottom line for our follow-through comes down to our emotional intensity. The more compelling we make our desired outcome the more it will pull us to take consistent action—and the more energy it will give us to employ willpower when necessary to breakthrough barriers and overcome obstacles.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Daily Journaling and Meditation

The combined daily practice of journaling and meditation makes the GIO Method extremely powerful. Journaling is the first step in taking the invisible and making it visible. The physical act of writing, reading, and saying our clear and compelling outcome aloud further imprints it on our unconscious mind. Meditation allows us to intentionally experience the states and emotions that we desire to feel on a consistent basis. Practicing those states and feelings will encourage them to show up stronger and more often in our lives.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Default to Gratitude

We all have specific emotions that we default to when certain things happen in our lives. The real question is: Are we aware of what our “favorite” emotions are AND are they really serving us? If we begin to intentionally practice and experience the emotions and states that serve us in attracting our desired outcome, those emotions and states will begin to show up by default. Gratitude is one of the most powerful states we can practice and one that will ALWAYS serve us in a positive and constructive way.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Believe That Your Success Is Inevitable

Success starts with certainty in our own mind. When we are certain that we have the potential to achieve our desired outcome we will then take massive action towards achieving it. That action leads to results which then further supports our belief and in turn increases our potential to take even more action and create even bigger results. The key is to create the results in our mind as if they already happened so that we build the belief that our success is inevitable.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | The 5 Keys to Success Part 2

Success is not the same for any two people—however, no one finds success without effort. Finding clarity and knowing what success specifically looks like in our own life is the first step toward achieving it. The key question to answer is: What’s going to make things magnificent on your terms?

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | The 5 Keys to Success Part 1

The GIO Method that we consistently practice each day takes the 5 keys to success and distills them down into an easy to follow framework. While success is defined differently by each of us, the principles of achieving and attracting success into our lives remains the same.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | You Are in Control

The state we are in at a specific moment powerfully impacts the way we feel about something. Managing our state is the key to experiencing life in the manner in which we desire to experience it. The event or the circumstances aren’t really what matters—how we feel about and react to the event or circumstances is what does matter. We have the power and the control to choose the way we feel and to experience life however we decide to experience it.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Change Your Limiting Beliefs

All breakthroughs start with a change in our beliefs. The emotions that we default to in a given situation determine how we react and what we believe in that situation. We typically use the events that we experience to get back to the emotions that we feel most comfortable feeling. If we can condition ourselves to default to emotions that empower us during challenging events we will begin to show up differently and create the outcomes we desire.

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