10 Minute Mindset The Podcast | Building Better Habits

When the pressure is on or unforeseen circumstances arise, we default to the habits that are the most comfortable—the habits that we practice on the most consistent basis. The key is to identify the habits that are creating the gap between where we currently are and the outcome we desire to create and then create new habits around the fundamental skills or actions that will create that desired outcome.

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10 Minute Mindset The Podcast | The Law Of Familiarity

The Law Of Familiarity states that if we are around something long enough we will take it for granted. It’s not that we don’t care about the familiar things in our life—it’s that we get used to them. Truly feeling gratitude on a consistent basis is what prevents and cures falling into familiarity.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Manage Your State

The difference between success and failure comes down to the ability to master your own emotions. Managing your state allows you to discipline your disappointment and take negative states and turn them around so they empower you.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Personal Congruency

Congruency means that our verbal and non-verbal communication match. How we behave around our words can have a profound effect on the meaning, intention, and the feeling people get from what we’re saying. Personal congruency comes from feeling absolutely certain about what we are saying—and living with our values, rules, and beliefs in complete alignment with our personal identity.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | The Power Of Questions

The most powerful way to control your focus is through the use of questions. The quality of your life is determined by the questions you ask. If you ask a different question continuously—you will get a different answer and that answer will create a different state, a different set of actions, and different results.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Creating Rapport

Rapport is one of the primary tools of influence. Rapport is total responsiveness between people and is created by a feeling of commonality. Rapport creates alignment between people and true rapport will allow you effectively lead them in any direction.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Leadership & Influence

Leaders solve problems and maximize resources. Whether it is in our professional life, personal life, or both—we are ALL leaders. Influence is the most important skill when it comes to leadership. If you can turn others into influencers—then anything you envision can become reality.

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10 Minute Mindset The Podcast | I.M.P.A.C.T.

The amount of fulfillment we experience in our lives is directly related to the magnitude of the impact we make on the world. The bigger the impact we make on the people around us the bigger the impact those people will make on the lives of the people around them. True influence is created through impact.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Everything Is Perfect

The universe, the world, and everything in it is perfect. Everything that happens is happening FOR us. The question is: Are we conscious enough to see and acknowledge the perfection, or are we so focused on what is directly in front of us that we miss the big picture?

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