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What Do You Do After Greatness? | 10 Minute Mindset

What do you do after you achieve greatness, success, or a big goal? Where do you go after you’ve finally achieved what you’ve been chasing or after you’ve created massive success? The truth is that anyone can achieve a goal and anyone is capable of creating success—but the real magic is in building on that success for the long term.

Identify Your Blindspot with Special Guest Jarrod Haning | 10 Minute Mindset

Jarrod Haning is a classically trained musician, avid mountain biker, and award winning speaker who has appeared on ABC Nightline for his Real Estate investing and on the TEDx stage for his Performance Coaching. Jarrod joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about overcoming your blindspots, how to think differently than you do right now, achieving more by doing less, and how the MindScan and coaching helps his clients double their income in one year.

Overcoming the Four Fears with Special Guest Ivan Petarnichki | 10 Minute Mindset

Ivan Petarnichki is a a certified NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Bio-energetic Psycholog and Advanced Clearing Energetics Practitioner, Spiritual Technologies Trainer and Instant Transcendence Wizard. His clients call him “Mind Liberator” and “Procrastination Annihilator.” Ivan joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to chat about the four types of fear he sees the most often in clients, how he helps clients overcome those fears, and how to overcome rejection.

3 Beliefs to Help You Take Action | 10 Minute Mindset

We are all leaders. This means that we all have the power to influence, and our power to influence starts with the way we influence ourselves. As leaders we have to take action—we have to get over the fact that when we start something new we won’t be great at it and to then use that opportunity for growth to make us stronger and better.

Deep Listening and Connection | 10 Minute Mindset

Deep listening is a powerful and transformational communication tool. By listening deeper and being more present with others you make them feel important and understood and these feelings create a deep level of connection and rapport. Deep listening actually encourages the person that you are communicating with to speak more openly and share more with you. That level of openness and comfortability leads to connection, rapport, influence, and both parties finding value and success in the interaction. 

Powerful Story Selling with Special Guest Adil Amarsi | 10 Minute Mindset

Adil Amarsi joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to discuss what he does with clients to help them generate so much revenue, the biggest mistakes he sees people make when trying to sell their services or goods, his start in copywriting and selling, and his most fulfilling project to date. Adil is the go-to guy for for high converting copy. He is also an entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and author.

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