10 Minute Mindset is designed to help you start your day in the best state possible.

Our habits create the life we experience each day. 10 Minute Mindset shares roughly 10 minutes of new content every single day to help you create momentum toward the life you desire to experience.

Our daily GIO method kicks off each episode to help you become intentional and specific about the outcome you want to create, back it with compelling emotion, take strategic action toward it, and to do it from an empowering state of gratitude.

The rest of the podcast is designed to help you build and align your mindset with your unique purpose—and to live that purpose passionately to create true fulfillment in your life.

If you want to uncover your unique purpose to serve and impact the world as only you can, then join us for 10 minutes each day to align your mindset and build momentum toward what you desire to achieve.

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Latest Episodes:

10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Plan for the Best

We’ve all heard the saying “plan for the worst.” The real question is: why should we ever put thought and energy into the worst thing that could happen? What if instead, we plan for the best—and are grateful for the opportunity to have the best things in our lives happen and to create and experience our best lives? When we love ourselves and choose the thoughts and emotions that align with the best case scenario we will start to create the best in our lives. And if we do this from a place of gratitude in lieu of expectation, we become even more powerful.

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10 Minute Mindset LIVE | Love Yourself

The way we achieve our desired outcomes matters. The way we feel about ourselves and treat ourselves on a consistent basis determines how we show up in the world and how others treat us. We all have a unique calling and our purpose is to be ourselves and answer that calling as only we can—and in doing so to serve the world as only we can.

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