Mario Porreca is obsessed with conversation. He is fascinated by people, innately curious, and has a gift for connecting with others at a deep level and helping them articulate their powerful wisdom in a very short amount of time.

Over the past 10 years, Mario has been blessed with the opportunity to have conversations with and in front of more than 50,000,000 people—which has earned him the distinction of being commonly referred to as “The Conversation Guy.” The most effective conversations share one thing in common: they drive an emotional connection that changes lives.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur building your venture, a teacher trying to break through to your students, a doctor diagnosing patients, a lawyer crafting cases, or a parent raising children—the #1 critical success factor is learning how to drive Conversations That Convert.

Latest Episodes:

David Barnes: The Power of Our Heart Energy

David Barnes: The Power of Our Heart Energy

I had a great conversation with my good friend David Barnes who coaches people to breakthroughs using…are you ready for this….MOVIES! Yes, you read that correctly—David has a library of thousands of movies that he and his team have watched and categorized and catalogued based on their energetic properties and the lessons and messages they convey.

Neil Sahota: Using Artificial Intelligence for Social Good

Neil Sahota: Using Artificial Intelligence for Social Good

Neil Sahota is back for part two of our conversation on the podcast. In this episode we talk about a couple of the projects Neil is currently working on to utilize Artificial Intelligence to create social good in the world. We also talk about the development of technology over the years and how virtual reality could play a big role in education, entertainment, and more in the not so distant future.

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