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I’m Mario Porreca and as a mindset strategist, international speaker, podcaster, and chef I tell stories and share ideas about experiencing life at a deeper level—often with food. I also help busy achievers expand their reach, grow their following, and serve more people in a more profound way through Launching a Podcast.


Mindset Expert | Keynote Speaker | Chef

Mario Porreca is a mindset performance strategist, speaker, podcaster, chef, entrepreneur, and author. Mario is the founder of LaunchingaPodcast.com and helps busy achievers use podcasting to grow their following and serve more people at a more profound level.

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Everything starts with your health and energy. If you aren’t healthy, full of energy, and excited about the outcomes you’re focused on you aren’t really living—or as effective as you can be.


Having complete clarity in your desired outcome is vital in designing the habits and behaviors necessary to create and experience that outcome. Clarity completely changes the game.



Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Clear focus on your outcome, habits, activity, and results will ensure that you are consistently growing and creating momentum towards the things you actually want.


Mindset determines how you show up in the world. Setting your mind to take consistent strategic action and achieve all you set out to is a habit—and one that requires daily practice.


You can’t achieve success without a plan. Crafting an effective strategy takes a powerful state of hunger, resourcefulness, determination, and creativity.



Action is what creates results. Not just action though—it’s about effective action that is consistently measured and adjusted with the help of a a coach that supports you.

Alignment Made Simple

“Alignment” is a big buzzword these days. The Core3 Method makes alignment a real concrete thing. Aligning the Core3 is something that can be identified, measured, adjusted, and achieved. Living in alignment means to experience life at a deeper more profound level while growing, contributing, and living the life you desire to live. The more congruency you create between your Core3 the more aligned you become with:

  • Knowing exactly what your ideal life experience looks and feels like.
  • Having a clear vision and plan for attracting it.
  • Being able to effectively build new habits and behaviors that serve you.
  • Creating the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to take consistent action.

It’s not about forcing success. It’s about an aligned mindset and identity that attracts progress, possibility, and momentum—and food, it’s always about food.

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Confidence Through Connection with Special Guest Abigail Sinclaire | 10 Minute Mindset

Abigail Sinclaire is the founder and CEO of the Human Network Connection. She connects business owners to media outlets for interviews to increase their exposure and brand awareness. Abigail joined us on 10 Minute Mindset to discuss the power of media, why connection and exposure is so important in business and brand building, how media exposure increases confidence, and how the Human Network Connection was created.

Nervous vs. Excited | 10 Minute Mindset

The emotions of feeling nervous and feeling excited are very close. The physical signs that both feelings present are nearly identical. The question is: Have you conditioned yourself to interpret the emotion as nervousness or have you conditioned yourself to interpret it as excitement? The way we interpret how we feel and the way we acknowledge those feelings makes a huge impact on the results we create.

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