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We are joined on 10 Minute Mindset by the founder of Bako Rambini. Bako is a fashion business consultant, author, and lecturer who lives in Paris. We talk fashion, mindset, values, live events, and more.

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10 Minute Mindset: “Fashion and Mindset with Special Guest Bako Rambini” Episode Transcript

(00:00:10) Mario: Hey, everyone. Mario Porreca here, and welcome to 10 Minute Mindset.

(00:00:16) We have a special guest with us today, and I’m gonna bring her on in just a minute. But before we do that, let’s do what we do every day and go through our GIO method. And GIO, as you know, is G-I-O. It’s the way we journal, slash, meditate to start our morning, every morning.

(00:00:27) And I like to work it back to front and start with the O in G-I-O, and the O is outcome. So what is your outcome? What is it that you want to achieve? And when you set your outcome, it needs to be two things: it needs to be clear, and it needs to be compelling.

(00:00:37) And when I say clear, I mean specific. What do you really want to achieve specifically, so that you can really connect to that, and so it feels real to you? And that’s the key, because thoughts, in and of themself, have very little creative power. But when you attach emotion to that thought, it becomes infinitely powerful.

(00:00:51) So what is it that you want specifically? It may not be that specific right now, this second. But if you work on it a little bit each and every day, you can make it more specific day by day. And then, it becomes more compelling. So why exactly do you want that? And once you attach that emotion to it and you know why you want it, it creates a desire. And that desire leads into intention.

(00:01:07) And that’s what the I in GIO is, intention. So what do you intend to do about this, now that you have this clear and compelling outcome? Intention, to me, means action. So what are you going to do? And I like to set three things every single morning.

(00:01:17) Number one, one thing I’m going to do within the hour, while my attention and my focus are at their peak and are their clearest. You’ll be in a much more creative state, and you begin to build momentum. Because every single day you are building momentum, from the minute you open your eyes until the minute you close them again, at the end of the night. The question is are you building that momentum towards the outcomes you want to create? Or are you letting circumstance and life dictate the way you think and the way you react to it?

(00:01:38) Be intentional, look at your clear and compelling outcomes, feel that outcome, and create action towards that. Do something within the hour to harness that power of momentum. Then, set an intention that you’re going to accomplish within the next 24 hours, so that throughout the day, your mind is looking for different things and different opportunities that you can take advantage of to take you closer to that outcome.

(00:01:54) And finally, set another intention that you’re working on throughout the week. Maybe it’s something you collaborate with other people on. Maybe it’s something that is a little just more in-depth, that takes a little more time. But that way, even if you get your 24 hour intention done within the first, say, five hours of your day, your mind is still working, it’s still looking for those opportunities. You’re gonna recognize them, you’re gonna take action on them.

(00:02:12) And once you’ve done that, the G in GIO is gratitude. So what are you grateful for? Gratitude is one of the most powerful states we can be in, because from a pure state of gratitude, you cannot feel a negative emotion. So what is it that you’re grateful for? I like to set three things.

(00:02:23) Number one, what’s one thing that I get to receive every single day? I like the little things. I like to look at the little things that maybe you don’t typically notice, because the law of familiarity’s set in, and they happen so often, you just typically walk by them and just take them for granted. Don’t take them for granted anymore. Look at them and say, “I’m really grateful for them.” And don’t just say you’re grateful. Actually feel that gratitude.

(00:02:39) Number two, what’s something that you get to give every day that, because you give it, you make the world a better place? You contribute to the world, it makes it better for someone else, it makes it better for you. And it lets you make that impact on the world, so you can feel fulfillment and gratitude towards that.

(00:02:51) And finally, what is something that you are? Because your identity determines how you show up in the world. So what are you? Instead of giving yourself that negative self-talk and being reactionary to the things that happen, and telling yourself things that disempower you, tell yourself intentional things that do empower you. So what are you? I am unstoppable, I am powerful, I am magnificent, I am a genius.

(00:03:10) Say those things to yourself, say them often, say them with emotion, put energy behind them. And if you do that often enough, you will begin to believe that, you will begin to create that in your life. And when obstacles show up, you will show up as that unstoppable person, you will get over that obstacle, and you’ll start to create the outcomes in your life that you desire to create.

And that’s our GIO method. Gratitude, intention, outcome — that’s how we set a solid foundation for our day, every single morning.

(00:03:30) And, without further ado, I want to bring on our special guest. You may have heard her in the Facebook Live. She was with us a couple days ago. If you haven’t seen that, go to, join the Facebook group. And she is a fashion consultant. is her website. She is an author. “How to Start a Clothing Line,” is one of her books. The other one is “The Fashion Business Plan.”

(00:03:48) She lives in Paris. She’s also a lecturer and teaches at university there. She helps fashion consultants actually start their business. She’s not just someone who designs fashion — that’s one thing that she does — but she helps fashion professionals actually start a business, which takes a ton of mindset. Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you Bako Rambini. Bako, how are you?

(00:04:07) Bako: Hello, Mario. Thank you so much for this very beautiful introduction. And I’m fine, thanks. How are you?

Mario: Oh, I’m doing great. And you’re live from Paris, which is super cool.

(00:04:19) Bako: Yes, yes. I am live from Paris, the … we praise ourselves as the most beautiful fashion city in the world, so.

Mario: That’s fantastic. Tell me really quickly, what is Fashion Cross Functional?

(00:04:33) Bako: Fashion Cross Functional is a platform that helps fashion designers empower their fashion business. So we work on the business side of the fashion. We start with the creative part, and we bridge to the financial estimates, and we help brands become more profitable.

(00:04:54) Mario: I was on your website earlier today, and I was looking through on, and one of the things … ’cause I’m a mindset guy, and I like to look at what makes brands run. What are their values? What is their culture like? And how do they show up to their clients or to the professionals they work with?

And one of the things that I noticed on your website is very clearly stated are your values, which are excellence, ambition, and selectivity. Tell me a little bit about your values, and how those help how you operate and how you live your day-to-day life.

(00:05:20) Bako: These are the values that I have in my personal life. And when I started my journey, I really had to clarify what are the things that make me work? What are the things that are fundamental to me? And I noticed, when I compared all the things that I’ve done, all the tasks that I liked, and the way I reacted in some situations, when I compared all those things, I just noticed that those three things were always there. Always there.

(00:05:50) So, excellence, it’s the way we do things. I like being accurate. I like when it’s consistent. I like when it’s complete, you know? I like when it looks very good. I don’t want the work to go out there and be just like mediocre. So it’s the contrary of mediocrity, for me. I want the best, and I want my name to be associated to that.

(00:06:19) Then, ambition, because I think fashion is such a difficult business, industry. So you don’t want to be there just to be like lame or just average. Either you are wow or you’re not. And for the ones who want to go into this industry, it’s very important to be very ambitious, and to reach the stars, to reach for the stars. And that’s actually also something that’s always been with me.

(00:06:49) And selectivity, because in order to reach for the stars, you need to be surrounded by the right people. That’s it. And you have to be selective and to know what is not in your vibe, and what is your vibe.

(00:07:01) Mario: I love that, because a lot of people I feel like, especially when they go into business or when they’re just starting, they’re really not selective at all. They’re just whatever comes up, they want … they get this almost this feeling of lack instead of abundance. And if selectivity is something that you focus on, as you do, then you really believe in abundance. Because by focusing on abundance, you believe that you can be selective and still thrive.

(00:07:25) Bako: And it’s really true. Even for my clients, sometimes I can feel that particular person does not have the mindset to build a brand. Some of the people out there just want to sell clothes without building anything coherent, and that’s actually not my positioning. So I really refuse those kind of works. And I know it’s not usual to do that at the beginning, but you have to know what is your deal.

(00:07:58) And you have to be very honest … that’s my point of view … you have to be very honest about what you can do, and what you won’t be able to do. And I don’t want to have that kind of work associated with me, for example. So that’s why I’m very, very clear and very selective about the people and even the designers I work with.

(00:08:19) Mario: So when you’re working with a client or you’re talking to a prospective client, what traits, mindset-wise, do you look for that tell you this person or this company is a brand or could be a successful brand?

(00:08:30) Bako: First, what kind of ambitions do they have? So I want people who have, of course, some fashion sense, who know what is fashion. Because it’s very specific. There is a code, graphically, that really you can recognize what’s fashion, what’s not. And you have to get that feeling from the beginning. So that’s one thing.

(00:08:57) Secondly, I want to know what kind of ambitions they have. And if they don’t want to go big, it’s okay, they can grow there. But I need to also evaluate if they’re able to grow. So that’s one thing, second thing. And the third thing is are they able to listen? Because some of them have … some of the designers out there have a really stubborn idea in their mind, and they won’t be able to grow. So those are the three things I’m looking for.

(00:09:31) Mario: Bako’s promised to come back tomorrow and do the podcast with us, so we’re super excited about that, because there’s more that I want to talk about. But I know from our conversations in the past, that you attended … and a role model of mine’s always been Tony Robbins, and you attended a Tony Robbins’ event in London, I believe …

Bako: Yes.

(00:09:46) Mario: … and it had a transformational effect on you. What about that event do you still put into practice today, mindset-wise? And maybe you can just explain a little … because I always tell people about the power of live events, and the power of actually being there. Because you can watch all the YouTube videos you want, but until you’re actually there-

(00:10:03) Bako: Yeah. So just before I answer that, I’ve been watching … reading and watching Tony Robbins for eight years. So for five years, before attending the event, I’ve known all his work already, so I really doubted that it would bring me something new. But a friend of mine forced me to go there, pushed me to go there, and I went. And, actually, it’s so much better than an mp3, or a YouTube, or a book. It’s much more powerful.

(00:10:37) So the thing that I still use is the power of focus when you have something that you’re afraid of. We’ve done the fire walk preparation for the Tony Robbins’ seminar. At the end of the first day, you’re supposed to walk on fire. So you’re prepared for one hour or so to do that. And that is so powerful, because it really puts you in a different … in a much different mindset.

(00:11:06) And it’s really crazy, because you start in a state of fear, and at the end of preparation, you’re so excited, that you really want to do the thing, like walk on fire. And it’s a very strong transformation. So now, I use it, for example, when I have something that I’m afraid of, a new challenge. I reuse that fire walk preparation. And that’s one thing.

(00:11:31) And the second thing that I use is the preparation we did to boost your goals, and to make you want … to give you the will to do the things that you need to do in your life, the changes. Because he made us work on the things that we would lose if we still go on with our bad habits. And the things we lose, the people we would lose. And this made me realize something very powerful, and I still use it today, which is my mom. I do lots of things for my mom. I didn’t realize that, because I lost my dad a few years ago. And I realized that if I had changed earlier, maybe I could have saved my dad, you know?

(00:12:22) And this kind of realization, it makes you do the things that you need to do. It just makes you do the things. Because, you know, just look at the eyes of the people you love. What would they do, what would they think, if you could offer them and give them the things that they dream of, just because you’ve made the change, you know? It’s really amazing. And it changed a lot in my life to realize that. And it gave me the courage to make the decisions that I wasn’t able to make.

(00:12:57) Mario: That’s beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing that. And Bako will be with us again tomorrow, so make sure that you subscribe to the podcast. Again, you can find her at Check out her books, “How to Start a Clothing Line” and “The Fashion Business Plan.” And Bako, where else can people connect with you? How else would you like them to reach out?

(00:13:17) Bako: So I have a Facebook page, which is Fashion Cross Functional or Fashion FXF. I have a Facebook group as well, The Fashion Fix, by Fashion FXF. And I’m also on Instagram @fashionfxf. So you can find me on any of those networks.

(00:13:38) Mario: Make sure you connect with Bako, and not just for fashion … I mean, fashion is her thing and she’s great at it, but she’s also great at business and mindset, and she just has a ton of value to share. So definitely connect with her. Bako, thank you so much for being with us, and I look forward to having you back on tomorrow.

Bako: Thank you, Mario. Thank you, bye.

Mario: Join the Facebook group, subscribe to the podcast, and we’ll talk to you tomorrow with a brand-new 10 Minute Mindset.

Transcribed by: Janice Ho | June 22, 2018