Brian Cardoza is an inspirational speaker, author, and artist. His message is one of responsibility and hope, and he works diligently to raise awareness and money to fight against childhood sexual assault and physical abuse.

A believer in the potential to change, Brian’s motto, “Don’t let this moment dictate the next moment” is familiar to many he inspires.

Brian founded The Broken Knee Club, a non-profit organization created to provide a safe haven for all sexes to comfortably speak out about their experience of childhood and adult sexual assault.

In collaboration with others, Brian is building Survivor Knights, a community healing through creative expression.

Survivor Knights’ exhibits highlight the enormity of the journey from trauma to healing through dark and bright works of art. Brian’s words of encouragement to survivors, “Your darkest moments may be the light for another.”

Brian joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to tell his story of ongoing recovery from abuse and how he and his message are helping others do the same, his philosophy of “bad math” and how it actively aids his recovery, and how taking on the role of a knight to help others going through difficult situations fuels him every single day.

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