Colleen Gallagher is back on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about the power of energy, how to align ourselves with the energy to attract the things we desire in our lives, how belief plays a huge role in what we attract, and the magic that happens when our energy, beliefs, and actions align.

Colleen Gallagher is a childhood cancer survivor, global educator, author, speaker, world-traveler and multiple 6 figure earner online.

She stands for the Revolutionary vision, to empower business leaders to leverage technology to impact humanity.

Colleen travels all over the world (34 countries in counting) to educate and empower people to see how they can make a massive impact upon humanity by simply being them.

She is getting her Masters in Global Technology & Development and plans to further her education getting her PhD in International Relations. Colleen has devoted her life to empowering individuals to see how they can live the freedom lifestyle while influencing global social injustices they care about to make a massive impact on the global economy. Colleen focuses on mindset techniques that empowers individuals to see that by simply being you, you can make a massive impact on this planet.

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