Calvin Wayman is an author, trier, and self-proclaimed messer-upper.  He joined me on the podcast to talk about our mutual love for breakfast foods and how it is a perfect analogy for short-term vs the long-term when it comes to decision making and actions for lasting success.

Calvin was born into an unconventional family – one that celebrates the practice of polygamy. He has 5 loving parents—one dad, and four moms. He also has 44 best friends—all of them his siblings.

His upbringing gifted him life lessons like: working hard, working together, and going after what you really believe in! While he chose not to continue the path of his parents, he is using what they taught him to blaze his own trail.

Today he’s a high-ticket sales entrepreneur—helping podcasters, coaches, and entrepreneurs monetize and scale through the power of a high-ticket offer. 

He is writing his second book, “How to Sell Like a Shark Without Being a Dick (Richard).”  He is a TEDx Speaker being asked to speak all around the world and the host of the “Curious With Calvin Wayman” podcast.

Calvin is also a dad, committed to being an example to his two kids that it’s okay to try things and get messy. And, despite fear, you really can create the life of your dreams.

Connect with Calvin at and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Check out the “Cooking and Conversation” Livestream that Calvin and I did while he cooked bacon, eggs, and hash browns!