Charlie Mechem is back for part two of our conversation on the podcast. In this episode Charlie shares the second half of his incredible story in business and in life, he shares his principle of allowing the story to unfold and opportunities to find him, we talk about some of the major deals he was able to make as a high powered CEO, and he also mentions he would do differently if he had to go back in time and do it all over again.

Charlie’s remarkable business career spans six decades and includes stints as a lawyer, CEO of the Taft Broadcasting empire of media outlets that owned the iconic Hanna-Barbera cartoon company, and the Commissioner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. He was also business partners with the iconic Arnold Palmer and shared an office with “The King” in Orlando for years. 

But Charlie is not all business. Born in Nelsonville, Ohio, Charlie still thinks of himself as a small-town boy who loves the thrill of a roller coaster ride and the challenge of a round of golf with friends. And good friends is something Charlie has always had plenty of! In fact, you have probably heard of quite a few of them: astronaut Neil Armstrong, NFL coach Paul Brown, restaurant magnate Dave Thomas, and professional golfers Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Mickey Wright, Nancy Lopez, Annika Sorenstam, and Juli Inkster.

Charlie is a consummate storyteller, and he uses his great deal of experience, wisdom, and joy to help professionals become more engaging speakers. His book, Total Anecdotal, and podcast, 15 Minutes with Charlie, were made to share his insights and help readers and listeners become better presenters. 

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