I had a great conversation with my good friend David Barnes who coaches people to breakthroughs using…are you ready for this….MOVIES! Yes, you read that correctly—David has a library of thousands of movies that he and his team have watched and categorized and catalogued based on their energetic properties and the lessons and messages they convey. He also has a five minute intention session that goes with the specific movie he has clients watch to help them get the most out of what they are consuming. He put me through his process and I can honestly say that it was a fantastic and powerful experience. Also, I’m not quite sure how he did it but he couldn’t have recommended a more perfect movie for me to experience his zone of genius.

Do you want to shift your limiting beliefs and become an energetic match with all the things you desire? Well, now you can do that in your jammies while watching a movie and snacking on popcorn. David Barnes is the founder of Peace of Mind Overtures where they’ve infused over 700 carefully selected movies with hundreds of powerful intentions and affirmations. In addition to shifting your mindset on a conscious level, these Alignment Movie Process (AMPTM)  films shift your energetic patterns on a more profound level so you can propel yourself towards a life you truly love.

David’s diverse background includes leadership roles at The Ford Motor Company, as well as executive non-profit experience at The Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

He works with individuals, executives, teams, and businesses that desire to make a change and realize a new sustainable set point. David has consulted with hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S. His diverse client base includes the Federal Government’s Office of Planning and Management,  The Center for Leadership Development, The U.S Air Force, NOAA, and Starbucks.

Connect with David at PeaceOfMindOvertures.com and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

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