Bee is back on 10 Minute Mindset for another conversation with Mario. In this episode they dive deeper into her entrepreneurial journey. They talk about her move from corporate to becoming an entrepreneur and then the process she went through when deciding to leave her 7-figure business behind to start a new business that would ultimately be more fulfilling. They also discuss the power of focusing more on our zone of genius and how having a deep passion for what we pursue changes the game.

Bee is the founder of Manifesting Squad, teaching women to manifest money and abundance into their lives. She has helped numerous clients to break through their manifestation blocks and supercharge their manifesting power.

She has created a business that she is passionate about, a life full of freedom, abundance, and happiness.

For a long time Bee felt trapped and unhappy with her life. She was unhappy, felt stuck in a job she did not enjoy, trying to make ends meet, making money, losing money, and feeling lonely as her dreams just did not seem to work out for her.

She wondered why the Law of Attraction was working so well for others but did not work for her. So she dove deep to figure it out and unlocked the secret of true Super Manifestation.

Now she shares her wisdom and helps other women to turn into Super Manifestors!

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