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Donavon Roberson has been coaching people for nearly 20 years and his desire is to help reconnect people with what makes them great so that they have massive impact in their world. He is an energetic catalyst for change that empowers everyone to break the chains of fear and doubt and reconnect with their greatest self so that they can live the life of their dreams.

Donavon was enlisted in the Air National Guard for six years, served as a Pastor of Youth Ministries for nearly 13 years, and has been part of great companies such as Zappos, Infusionsoft, Dyn, Origami Owl, and Isagenix where he took a hands on approach at keeping leaders and employees engaged and performing at high levels.

He is the author of The Journey of the Dreamer and joined 10 Minute Mindset to talk about “dreamstorming”, how to articulate your dreams, and the power of clarity and visualization.

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