MS. SUCHI is back on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about the power of laughter, how to purposely use laughter to create a happier more empowering state, her mission to help others discover their true power through laughter, and she also shares some laughter exercises to help utilize the power of laughter immediately.

MS. SUCHI is an experienced International Pre School Principal. She is a Conference Speaker, Chairperson – Asia Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

She is the only female Laughter Coach, in the world who conducts 100 types of laughter exercises and with each laughter exercise she shares a motivational message.

She is the speaker and ambassador for many causes including Linkedin for a Woman and Silver Generation Ambassador.

MS. SUCHI is saving lives by coaching people how to “Reprogram Happy and Stress Hormones for better mental health.”

She has saved 22 people who were having suicidal thoughts, they are doing fine now. She plans to travel globally to spread happiness, peace, and love.

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