Stella Da Silva is back on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about the distinction between good and effective communication, the real difference between hearing and listening, the importance of actively being in the present moment, and how to be an effective communicator by demonstrating how to effectively communicate.

Stella is a freelance training Consultant and her main area of expertise is in vocational education and on the job training.

She has travelled extensively to deliver training to educators, trainers and learners in vocational education, communication skills, employability skills and training on how to better engage with learners in education and training.

Stella has delivered training in China, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Oman and she constantly looking for new opportunities to deliver training in more countries.

She works with corporate organisations facilitating on communication skills,managing conflict within the work place as well as one to one coaching. Stella delivers motivational talks in schools and loves to share her journey with students.

One common denominator with everything Stella does is PEOPLE. That’s where her passion lies. Engaging and interacting with people. People who achieve, people who haven’t yet achieved, people not given the chance to achieve. She loves to talk but also loves to just listen, a skill that so many don’t have and what she delivers in to be able to communicate effectively.

Stella loves life, loves to travel, loves to learn, and loves to inspire and empower.

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