I had a really fun conversation with social media marketing expert and entrepreneur Heather Heuman. We talked about social media, digital marketing, and we even talked about comparison and how it can be dangerous to compare where we are in our journey with where others are in their journey.

Heather Heuman is a social media marketing strategist and speaker that has built two six figure businesses, sold one, and had Chick-fil-A as a client with both of her brands for her social media marketing services. She empowers business owners and brands how to stand out in the noisy marketplace on social media and get the attention they need and the profits they want using effective social media strategies that work so they can live their best life and make a bigger impact with their resources. 

Heather specializes in marketing makeovers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram with the power of relationships, networking and video that generates leads and sales. 

As a podcast host, CEO and founder of Social Thrive Business Academy, Heather has partnered with top influencers including Kim Garst, Jennifer Allwood, Nicole Walters, Mark Schaefer, Marcus Sheridan and many others. Past engagements for Heather include Social Media Marketing World, American Family Insurance’s Dreambank, Women’s Conference for Chambers of Commerce, CBS News and Creativation Conference.

Connect with Heather at SweetTeaSocialMarketing.com and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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