If you’re interested in unique businesses then you should check out John Bertino and his company The Agency Guy, Inc. John is a “matchmaker” and matches agencies with companies to create the perfect fit for both parties. In this episode we had a great conversation about business and we also talked about the creation/innovation process and some other cool things.

John’s professional background stems from over a decade in the agency space where he consulted with clients on SEO and inbound marketing campaigns. During that time, John watched sales people and marketing agencies fight tirelessly to one-up each other and impress prospective clients with industry jargon, flashy proposals, and agency bluster. Perhaps most concerning – a remarkable amount of the strategic recommendations agencies give their clients is predicated on what’s convenient for them – not the client’s situation. Enter TAG; arguably the world’s first true marketing consultancy, 100% focused on providing brands unbiased direction, education and vetted agency recommendations.

These days, John and his team at TAG consult with brands of all sizes on just about every area of marketing. He personally teaches several courses on the subject at the University of San Diego, Drexel University, SCORE and other accredited educational institutions. John also organizes large events for marketers and entrepreneurs through his group the SoCal Marketing Club, one of the west coast’s largest digital marketing clubs.

Connect with John at TheAgencyGuy.com and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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