Ash Playsted joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about how he became so passionate about mindset and how he was able to go from a point of having $300 to his name to building a successful and profitable coaching business by keeping his internal fire burning to control his own destiny. He also tells the story of where he got the nickname of “the dragonslayer.”

Ash Playsted is a rare breed. He is one of the world’s leading mindset transformation coaches and brings with him 30+ years of experience across corporate finance, entrepreneurship and life. Having started, built and exited multiple businesses Ash has battlefield tested / proven knowledge and expertise that cannot be learned from a book.

Whether you are starting a business, transitioning from employment into entrepreneurship or you simply wish to know ramp up what you already have … Ash’s many years of testing all the many moving parts needed to successfully design and execute a working and profitable client acquisition and monetization strategy have hard wired Ash with a “school of real life” masters degree in what does and doesn’t work.

These 3 decades have also added substantially to Ash’s unique ability to get to the truth directly and quickly which allows the right solution to be provided for every client.

Ash’s nickname #thedragonslayer has been well earned through his ability to find your “inner dragons” and slay them … so you can go directly to your dream life/business.

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