Valery Molone is back on 10 Minute MIndset to talk about living from our own expectations, how making a list of what we love to do can help guide us to what we are meant to do, and how we make our biggest impact in the world when we pursue what we are called to do rather than what society tells us we should be doing.

Valery is a Certified Life Coach for life, business, and leadership. She is also a Motivational speaker.

She teaches her clients, leaders from all walks of life, to become emotionally and financially independent through her own Mindset of Independence Method.

Her vision is to become a symbol of independence and leadership, to cross boundaries, break down barriers and motivate people from all walks of life by sharing her victories over her struggles.

She graduated from the prestigious Robbins-Madanes Training – The Official Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins.

Valery offers Life, Leadership and Business individual coaching as well as various online programs centered on business, productivity, independence and relationships.

Connect with Valery online at and follow her on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram, and YouTube.

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