Mervin Brown is The Chief Purpose Connector and proud owner of MKB Leadership Evolution LLC.

Mervin is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker who focuses on Leadership and personal growth. His desire is to connect people and business to their purpose.

He helps leaders, career professionals to Think Self and business Leadership Differently so that they can live their ultimate purpose, make work a reward and command a life of significance.

He managed to fail-up after struggling to find his purpose – moving from Jamaica to the United States in 2013 for a new opportunity with only $250 in his pocket, and a desire to overcome poverty.

Mervin changed the direction for his future by deciding to lead his own life. He became a self-leader and currently uses his life experiences to help others to develop and Think Self-Leadership Differently.

Mervin joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about his journey of discovering his true purpose, what his path to becoming a leadership coach looked like, and how making the real decision to invest in himself was the best decision he could ever make.

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