Purvi Davé is back on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about her entrepreneurial journey, what the stages have looked like so far, her biggest challenge in the process, the power of mentorship, and her desire to one day become a mentor to others entering the entrepreneurial space.

Purvi believes that the two most important relationships you have in life will be the ones with your family and the one you have with yourself. Her mission with FamTyme is to create an emotional well-being platform for families, by providing tools that empower children to be more self-aware and help parents create an open environment where kids can freely express themselves and create happy, healthy and strong family bond.

Purvi has 16+ years of professional experience which include providing IT hardware and software support to customers and end users, business and system development, user testing, process review, e-commerce, online marketing, training, and selling e-commerce solutions.

When she’s not on the job, she loves hiking with her dog, working her way through different recipes, volunteering at her favorite charity or indulging her love for traveling and seeing new places.

Connect with Purvi online at FamTyme.com and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.