Bethany Wallace is back on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about what it looks and feels like to live with a victim mentality. She also talks about how she overcame and is actively overcoming the victim mentality that presents itself in her life and some tips that anyone can use to combat victim mentality when it shows up in our lives.

Bethany Wallace is proof that 12-step recovery programs work if we’re willing to do the work. She has spent 12 years taking actions, often in spite of her feelings, to become a healthier person. She enjoys life more serenely than in the past; she loves working with others in recovery, taking care of her animals with her daughter, writing, baking, and hiking. 

Bethany owns a communications consulting business and partners with mission-minded organizations and businesses to improve soft skills and build better workplaces.  

Connect with Bethany online at and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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