Jay Andrews is back on 10 Minute mIndset to talk about being fueled by positive energy, living in the present moment and owning your now, how we become more resilient and able to overcome more when we are in the moment, and how he has been able to stand up in his own crucial moments in life and how he is helping others do the same.

Jay is a speaker, coach, thought leader and hemochromatosis advocate who works with companies, entrepreneurs and individuals to humanly move with success and positivity in the face of adversity and resilience.

Jay is living with a blood disorder that there is no cure for. A miracle survivor of a car accident, and has defeated cancer. These series of events happened in a consecutive manner. Jay knows what the human spirit can endure, and what belief and mindset to overcome it.

Connect with Jay online at JayAndrewsSolution4U.com and follow him on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and YouTube.