Paul Conant is back for part two of our conversation. In this episode we talk about the value of building and growing a business through genuine connecting conversations. We also talk about some of the marketing tactics that we see entrepreneurs trying to use today and how Paul really wants to do business with people he would enjoy hanging out with at a barbecue.

Paul Conant has more than 25 years of experience in building businesses as well as sales training for small companies and big box retail firms. Paul is an accomplished entrepreneur and manager. His vision and expertise in business performance has driven growth in the service, retail, and e-commerce sectors. With a rare blend of creative and operational strengths he has achieved exciting results in all companies he has worked with. 

Before founding Gizoom, Paul was a successful entrepreneur in the electronic industry. He also consults clients in a variety of business concerns as well as developing online strategies for, PPC, SEO, SEM and local search. 

Connect with Paul at and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.