Scott Sandland is back for another conversation. In this episode we talk about how Scott discovered that technology, specifically AI, was the best way to fuel his passion for helping as many people as possible. We also talk about the new tools he and his team developed to help us gain more insight from the conversations we are having on Zoom.

Scott’s background in clinical hypnotherapy and online software development give him a unique perspective on how to weave emotional intelligence into deep science and technology. He is the youngest life fellow in the history of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and has been published in numerous peer reviewed journals.

As a keynote speaker for multiple international events and as a presenter at the United Nations, he encourages conversation and collaboration as much as possible.  Scott has started multiple companies with one exit and stepped down from his role as executive director of a mental health clinic to start, an AI company focusing on helping improve communication resources with commercial and social impact initiatives.  

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