Ash Playsted is back on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about his default thought process of practicing what he calls Situational Gratitude. He talks about the power of making gratitude a habit and being able to use it unconsciously. He also touches on utilizing gratitude as a practice to help us strengthen our mindset in tough times and not just practicing gratitude for gratitudes sake.

Ash Playsted is a rare breed. He is one of the world’s leading mindset transformation coaches and brings with him 30+ years of experience across corporate finance, entrepreneurship and life. Having started, built and exited multiple businesses Ash has battlefield tested / proven knowledge and expertise that cannot be learned from a book.

Whether you are starting a business, transitioning from employment into entrepreneurship or you simply wish to know ramp up what you already have … Ash’s many years of testing all the many moving parts needed to successfully design and execute a working and profitable client acquisition and monetization strategy have hard wired Ash with a “school of real life” masters degree in what does and doesn’t work.

These 3 decades have also added substantially to Ash’s unique ability to get to the truth directly and quickly which allows the right solution to be provided for every client.

Ash’s nickname #thedragonslayer has been well earned through his ability to find your “inner dragons” and slay them … so you can go directly to your dream life/business.

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