A unique experience that combines interactive conversation, sound principles, and unique strategies to entertain and educate any audience.
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Dynamic Conversation, Entertainment, and Impact

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to share stories and teach my unique principles and strategies internationally. From the offices at Google to aboard cruise ships—I’ve spoken in front of audiences of all sizes.

Whether you’re a conference, company, corporation, business, or association I’d love to explore how we can work together at your next event to give your audience an experience they will never forget!

About Me

I have been speaking for more than 10 years and have experience with keynote presentations, workshops, cooking demonstrations, hands-on cooking classes, question & answer sessions, master of ceremonies responsibility, and various combinations of the above.

I provide a unique experience that combines easy to understand/apply mindset principles and actionable strategies. I use my interactive conversationalist style as a tool to keep the attention of the audience, teach them in a unique way, and provide a valuable, fun, and entertaining experience.

You can expect two key things from hiring me to speak at your next event:

1. An immersive unique experience for both your staff and audience. I am accessible and will provide a presence at your event that goes beyond just my stage time. My team and I will serve above and beyond expectations to make an impact that will last beyond the event.

2. A low-maintenance high-impact session(s). I have taken the stage in various capacities, locations, and in front of crowds both large and small. My team and I know what it takes to execute and are extremely easy to work with when it comes to logistics and being prepared to deliver at any event. As an event planner you have enough to worry about and focus on, we appreciate that and always bring our A-game so that you can focus on everything else that’s on your plate.


I speak on various topics revolving around mindset, strategy, marketing, podcasting, success, and achievement.

Topics include:

  • The 5 Pillars for Launching a 6-Figure Podcast
  • Profitable Podcasting to Grow Your Brand, Following, and Bottom Line
  • Delivering Your Message Effficiently and Effectively

I would love to meet with you either virtually or in person to learn more about your conference or event and how we can best collaborate to accomplish your goals.

Please fill us in on your conference/event by filling out this form or by contacting us directly:

For public/private speaking engagements and personal appearances, please contact:

David Sedelmeier

talent network, inc.




Mario Porreca is an outstanding coach and presenter. His incessant enthusiasm, professionalism, and daily dedication he commits to and clearly communicates to me and thousands around the world with 10 Minute Mindset Ignites me with working tools to start my day everyday of the week. Mario’s exclusive GIO (GRATITUDE-INTENTION-OUTCOME) Method gets me on track and pumped to just do it … start now!

It is with the highest praise that I communicate that Mario is not only gifted in technology, but has the highest ability to teach and train this combination extremely well.  He is not only the BEST at what he does, but goes beyond BETTER every single day.

Darlene Cohen

CEO, Design Cache Interiors

Mario Porreca creates an experience and provides a presence at an event like no other presenter I’ve seen. His unique understanding of how people feel at an emotional level and his ability to interact, communicate, connect at a deep level, and simplify complex ideas is like nothing I’ve experienced in an audience before. His GIO Method and Core3 Strategy are things I incorporate into my daily routine and have helped me create real results really quickly. I can’t recommend Mario enough and can’t wait to see him speak again soon!

Ryan G.

Owner, IVM Services, LLC


Sean Douglas

Founder, The Success Corps

Mario Porreca brings life to any project in which he partakes. Self-assured without being overbearing, Mario inspires confidence and trust that he knows his subject matter. He has a talent for explaining and demonstrating difficult concepts or processes in a way that everyone can understand. Mario loves using his knowledge to enrich the lives of others—and it shows!
Dave Slusarick

Former Television Team Leader, Fayette TV Atlantic Broadband Channel 77

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For public/private speaking engagements and personal appearances, please contact:

David Sedelmeier

talent network, inc.



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