Vanessa Arseneau joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about stepping out of her comfort zone and relocating from Canada to the UK, what it was like adjusting to a new country after making the decision to move there, how she helps other people step out of their comfort zone to experience life in a different way, and how she knew that the decision she made was the correct decision.

Vanessa Arseneau is a Speaker, Trainer and Relocation Coach. She helps millennials and travel lovers discover the world by moving and creating a new life abroad.

At 21 years old, she herself took a big step out of her comfort zone and moved from Canada to London, UK. She lived there for 12 months, building a new life from scratch in English – her second language.

This experience was life-changing. She traveled and discovered the world while growing her comfort zone, she became more open-minded, resilient and confident.

Living abroad created some unforgettable memories of connecting with different cultures, making friendships from all over the world and getting work experience in a different country. Her 6 month coaching program now helps millennials from North-America relocate all over the world and experience a similar life-changing adventure.

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