Jennifer Lee is a speaker, coach, and consultant specializing in Gallup Strengths coaching, Team Communications coaching, and Positivity Coaching.

After spending several years working in the corporate world she decided to make a huge leap and relocate from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California to explore her interest in TV hosting. After spending a year pursuing this career Jennifer found that despite success she still felt empty inside and she knew she needed something more meaningful and fulfilling.

She then created an inspirational website which led to the opening of her company “Jennifer Lee Life Coaching” which over the past five years has developed into “Jennifer Lee Inspiration.”

Jennifer created her business as a platform to provide others motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and support on both a personal and professional level.

Jennifer joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about her mission as a Gallup Strengths coach, how utilizing and maximizing our inherent strengths can help us achieve and become more, and the real difference between a talent and a strength.

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