Dr. Xuemei Zhong is back on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about her 7 step process to prosper and avoid burnout and how to use the acronym UPLEVEL to remember those 7 steps. She uses the word UPLEVEL because this process is a way for us to “upgrade” our lives and get to the next level of success.

Dr. Xuemei Zhong went through a journey from a medical school professor to a life coach, author, and speaker. Early in her medical profession, she had a passion for transforming disease-care to true health and self-care. 

Dr. Zhong received her PhD in immunology and pathology. Her own Immuno-Oncology research and life experience revealed to her that our bodies are our best doctors. The irony of medical professionals being one of the least healthy populations drove her to look for a better career choice and to help like-minded medical professionals find their dream career – that both aligns with their purpose but also helps them sustain a healthy lifestyle. She finally felt at home when she received training and became certified health coach and master level transformational life coach. 

Through her journey of leaving a traditional medical career and establishing her own coaching business, she witnessed so many hardships and struggles that she was determined to work with those incredibly smart medical professionals who did not feel fulfilled and did not want to spend the rest of their careers physically and mentally exhausted. Dr. Zhong coaches them to gain clarity on the best path and how to create a fulfilling career. 

Dr. Zhong founded the HOE Holistic Wellness LLC. The motto of her business is “Stop hoping, start be-living.” She believes that “when we take the “P” (things that prevent people from their dream life) out of HOPE it becomes HOE (Heaven on Earth).” Dr. Zhong created “The Fellowship of HOpE” program to coach medical professionals to create a new career that is in better alignment with their calling and dream. She believes that medical professionals who have a dream bigger than their current practice are going to have a big impact on transforming human life into a heavenly experience.

Connect with Dr. Xuemei at HOEHolisticWellness.com and grab a copy of her book and eBook on Amazon.


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