W. Kevin Ward is back on 10 Minute Mindset to explain the difference between vision and mission when it comes to business and branding, how a strong vision leads to a powerful impactful mission, and he also shares a couple tips for creating clarity around a mission and vision.

Kevin believes the key to organizational effectiveness is a “servant-style” leadership at all levels.

The servant leader, he maintains, is committed to developing their group into a team where the individuals reach their personal best. By reaching their potential, the individuals have a greater chance of becoming the next generation of leaders.

Drawing on his vast experience as a teacher, trainer and consulting in business and military settings, Kevin helps his clients identify their personal and professional needs. He also helps business clients identify the talent they have in order design and implement ways to best utilize those resources.

Kevin has spoken to numerous groups on a variety of topics including leadership, education, workforce development, technology as a productivity tool, and recruiting the younger generation. He also delivers motivational speeches as well.

Kevin brings the ability to engage the audience in a way that few can. He helps get your message to your people to help them own the message.

Connect with Kevin online at WKWConsultingLLC.com and follow him on LinkedIn.